Reports and Certificates

Keep informed and be prepared for regulatory authority inquiries.

Every Minotaur inspection is supported by an inspection report detailing the existing levels of oil/hydrocarbons and particulate matter, as well as the recommended course of action. You will also receive a certificate of service each time your Stormceptor® is serviced. Keep these documents on file, as they serve as imperative proof of inspection and servicing to inquiring regulatory authorities, including Municipal authorities, the Ministry of the Environment and any Conservation Authority.

Let Minotaur help you maintain your investment and protect the environment.

Minotaur Stormwater Services: We all live downstream

Why should you be concerned about what enters your storm drains? Stormwater runoff is the most common cause of water pollution, and can contain soils, road wear, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, oil, gas and more.

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