Maintain your investment by keeping your Stormceptor® in a workable condition.

View our video of Minotaur President Garnet Shaver delivers an instructional interview on maintenance and inspection for Stormceptor® Units.

Damage or irregularities in the Stormceptor® unit can impede its functionality. Minotaur will perform any repairs required on your Stormceptor®.

While the majority of inspections, cleaning and repairs can be done from the surface, certain repairs require Confined Space Entry compliance. Minotaur’s maintenance team has the required Confined Space Entry training and equipment too complete repairs safely, precisely and efficiently.

Embossed lids are provided with every Stormceptor® unit for identification to avoid confusion with other manholes on site.   If a lid is lost or damaged it should be replaced.

Stormceptor® Inspection and Maintenance

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