About Minotaur

A comprehensive inspection, monitoring and service program for Stormceptor® units was not available until one was developed and implemented by Minotaur. Since incorporation in January 2000, Minotaur has become the leading specialist in the inspection and service of Stormceptor® units.

Minotaur has been exclusively retained by Forterra Pipe & Precast to provide an inspection, service and repair program for all Stormceptor® units in Ontario. In 2002, Lécuyer & Fils Ltée engaged Minotaur to provide the same maintenance program to Québec.

While the majority of inspections, servicing and repairs can be done from the surface (Minotaur designed, developed and modified specialized equipment to make this possible) certain repairs require Confined Space Entry. From their inception, Minotaur has established cutting edge safety policies and procedures. As a result of this focus, Minotaur maintains a fully accredited confined space entry team. All Minotaur technicians are "P.O.S.T." certified.

Minotaur has developed a cost-saving program for all Stormceptor® owners. Inspections are the key to this program. If any oil/grit separator is not serviced, its efficiency will diminish and eventually cease to operate, thereby risking a very costly discharge and the subsequent liabilities. If it isn't inspected, you don't know when it needs to be serviced. Inspection and proper record keeping as required by the Ministry of Environment (MOE), rather than arbitrary service, can significantly reduce the cost of ownership by as much as two-thirds.

Working to save you money, Minotaur takes advantage of geographically clustered units (which allows for even more efficient inspection and service) and passes on the savings to you.

Minotaur is dedicated to continually enhancing our services, making your responsibility to maintain your Stormceptor® units an easy one.

Pricing and services may vary due to your geographical location. Units that require special considerations and time sensitive inspections or service, require site specific pricing.

Minotaur Stormwater Services: We all live downstream

Why should you be concerned about what enters your storm drains? Stormwater runoff is the most common cause of water pollution, and can contain soils, road wear, pesticides, heavy metals, chemicals, oil, gas and more.

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